Homophobe Lucy MedleyThinking about becoming involved with Grace Episcopal Alexandria? If you are, you should take a minute to learn about Lucy Medley.

Lucy grew up at Grace Church and served as an acolyte at my wedding to my same-sex husband, Mike.

But Lucy’s true colors came out when I had my falling out with perjuring priest Bob Malm. Almost immediately, I began sharing my experiences. But instead of Christian concern, Lucy often replied, although she didn’t have the courage to use her real name.

Her comments evinced an articulate, intelligent young adult, but one with puerile views towards anyone who would criticize Grace Church. Lucy also is unable to think critically about the parish; hers is a blind, unquestioning faith.

But the real indicia of just how toxic Grace church is came when Lucy posted the following homophobic comments, which also urged me to commit suicide.

How anyone can claim to be a Christian and talk to any other human being like this is beyond me. And Lucy’s comments evince a profound failing on the part of both her parents and the church if Lucy thinks this sort of thing is okay.

For the record, I hope my name IS “mud” in Alexandria if the persons reaching that conclusion are lowlifes like the Medley family. Indeed, her mother, Lisa Medley, has repeatedly lied about my conflict with Bob Malm and otherwise made an ass out of herself and the church. Tellingly, Lisa sees nothing wrong with this behavior.

Lucy’s artwork is located in various places on the web, including here.

As for Lucy, good luck in the art world. As a homophobe, she is going to need all the help she can get. 

Lucy’s LinkedIn profile is here, and she works for the National Park Service. 

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Lucy Medley Homophobic Artist